Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The past few months have been very exciting for our family. We purchased our first Home!

The timing was perfect! We had the opportunity to spend the holidays in our new home.

We have been in our home for about a month now and still have TONS to do.  I figured it’s going to be like this for a while. For example, our dinner table has been the kitchen counter! All I can say is dinner has never tasted so good! We have never been happier.

The best thing about our home is seeing our son running up and down, enjoying every bit of it.  At first, I was scared about how he would take the transition because our apartment was his first home.  To help the transition we explained to him that we would be moving to a new home and it was time to say goodbye to the apartment. To my surprise, he did really well!!  He made himself at home quickly!

We are also excited about doing some DIY’s. The first project was in Noah’s room. The previous owner had a small daughter, so the room had a pink and white polka-dot wall. We decided to transform part of that wall into a chalkboard wall! Also, change the pink polka-dots to black polka-dots.  We were able to achieve that look with the help of Pinterest. Isn't Pinterest the best? I had no idea there was such thing as chalkboard paint.  There are various colors of chalkboard paint that you can purchase at Target. 

This is the before..

This is after….

For the boarder we used stained yard sticks. You can use regular chalk. It wipes off easily with a wet wash cloth. I hope you enjoyed this update and DIY. 
Comment if you would like to see other DIY home decore.

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  1. I turned out super cool and Noah looks super happy! I am so happy for you Amiga and your family. May Gob Bless your new home!